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Introduced 1991
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry Omadhina Internet Services (cc)
Sponsor Namibian Network Information Centre (cc) (NA-NiC)
Intended use Entities connected with  Namibia
Actual use Fairly popular in Namibia
Registration restrictions None
Structure Registrations are taken at the second level and at the third level beneath various second-level labels
Documents [1]
Dispute policies Dispute policy; CoCCA dispute policy
Website NA-NiC; Omadhina (Registry Operator)

.na is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Namibia. Registry/Registrar Separation has been implemented, with Namibian and Foreign Registrars being accredited. The Registry supports a Web/GUI interface and EPP.

Registrations are available at the second level or at the third level beneath various names that include some redundant choices (e.g., both .co.na and .com.na for commercial entities). Prices vary depending on the level at which a registration is made, the second-level name a third-level registration is beneath, and whether the registrant is domestic or foreign.

.na domains cost approximately 4000 NAD a year for domestic and 40000 NAD for foreign registrants, .com.na 400 and 4000 NAD respectively, and .co.na 500 NAD for both. It has been unofficially used as a TLD for North America .

NA-NiC is a member of CoCCA and uses their Dispute Resolution.

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