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oz. is a common abbreviation for the ounce. It may also refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]

In The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Further information: Category:Oz (franchise) and Portal:Oz

Film and television[edit]



Other media[edit]

  • Oz (magazine), an Australia/UK satire magazine published 1963–73
  • OZ - Over Zenith, a game for the PlayStation 2
  • Liber OZ, a spiritual text by Aleister Crowley, described as "the Thelemic declaration of rights of Man, in five sections comprised of one syllable words."
  • The Oz, a nickname for the newspaper The Australian


Element (Hebrew "strength" - עוז) in Israeli placenames:


Given name or nickname[edit]

  • Oz Almog (born 1956), an Israeli–Austrian artist
  • Oz Bengur, a Maryland Democrat
  • Oz Clarke (born 1949), a British wine writer
  • Oz Fox (born 1961), a rock musician with Stryper
  • Oz Griebel (b. 1949), a Connecticut businessman and Republican
  • Oz Perkins (born 1974), an American actor
  • Oz Scott (born 1949), an American screenwriter
  • O.Z. Whitehead (1911–1998), a character actor
  • Oz, ring name of Kevin Nash,American professional wrestler


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