1,2-Butylene carbonate

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1,2-Butylene carbonate
1,2-Butylene carbonate.png
CAS number 4437-85-8
PubChem 107282
ChemSpider 96547 YesY
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Molecular formula C5H8O3
Molar mass 116.12 g mol−1
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1,2-Butylene carbonate is an organic compound with formula C
, or (H5C2)(C2H3)(CO3). It is a double ester with the carbonate functional group bonded to both free ends of the 1,2-butylene group. It is also an heterocyclic compound with a five-membered ring, and can be seen as a derivative of dioxolane, specifically 4-ethyl-1,3-dioxolan-2-one.

1,2-Butylene carbonate is a polar aprotic solvent, which has been considered for electric battery applications (as a cheaper alternative to ionic liquids) and many other uses.[1]

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