10+2 (TV series)

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Genre Children's animated series
Format Traditional animation
Written by Miquel Pujol
Directed by Miquel Pujol
Country of origin Spain
Original language(s) Catalan, Spanish, English
No. of episodes 52
Executive producer(s) Jordi Castelltort
Hilari Pujol.
Producer(s) Accio
Victory Media Group
Running time 13 min.
Original channel Televisió de Catalunya
Original run 1994 – 2013

10+2 is a children's animated series from Catalonia (Spain), produced by Accio Studios and Victory Media Group, and directed by Miquel Pujol i Lozano. The show debuted in 1994, and as of July 2014 can be seen on Germany's KI.KA.


The series takes place in the fictional country of Numberland, centered in a school taught by the teacher Aristotle and his assistant Infinite. The students consist of ten living numbers from zero till nine, each with differing personalities. The characters are mute and only communicate in vocal noises and body language. Throughout the episodes, every night Aristotle would narrate the day's events in flashback, with moments of counting quantities corresponding to the number characters. However in the movies all characters have full speech.


Series characters[edit]

  • Professor Aristotle - The teacher of Numberland. Quite firm and serious.
  • Infinite - Aristotle's assistant. Called Monty in the English dub. Very helpful towards others.
  • Cuco - A yellow cuckoo bird who lives in the classroom clock.
  • Zero - A mischievous and disobedient sort.
  • One - A forgetful sort who likes to keep up appearances.
  • Two - Has a love for water and sailing.
  • Three - A cross and grumpy sort.
  • Four - A lazy sort who loves to doze off.
  • Five - Prone to misfortune and runs into trouble often.
  • Six - A neat and tidy sort who does gardening.
  • Seven - An athletic and active sort.
  • Eight - A greedy sort who loves eating cakes and sweets.
  • Nine - An experimental and scientific sort.

Movies Characters[edit]

  • Milesima - Aristotle's and Elenica's niece. Very playful, carefree and fancies herself as a pirate.
  • Miss Zenobia - The substitute teacher. A very bossy, mean sort, far more strict than Aristotle.
  • Mr. Postman - A white pigeon with pilot goggles, who grudgingly delivers the letters and occasionally does rescuing when needed.
  • Doctor - An owl who wears a green suit and gives medical advice.


The Magical Night[edit]

In 2000, Miquel Pujol created a 45 minute Christmas Special movie title "10+2: La Noche Mágica", where Infinity goes on a winter adventure after an embarrassing moment during Christmas preparations.[1]

The Great Secret[edit]

In 2001, Miquel Pujol created an 85 minute movie titled "10+2: El Gran Secretoe" starring Milesima and the new teacher Zenobia. It was nominated in the fifteenth edition of the Goya Awards in the category of best animated film.[2]

Letters and Pirates[edit]

In 2005, a 47 minute movie was made titled "10+2: Cartes i Pirates", where Milesima as Captain Red Braid takes Infinite and the ten numbers on pirate voyage to find the treasure trove of Rocky Head Island.[3]


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