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10-minute haircut is a special haircutting service originated from Japan. It is a service which only provides customers with haircutting service, but not including shampooing, blow-drying or shaving. Each customer only needs to pay at a low price (usually HK$50) for this service, and each haircutting process lasts for ten minutes. The 10-minute just cut service aims at providing customers with reasonably-charged and convenient haircutting service, so that customers can have more personal time as well as can save their money. Examples of 10-minute haircutting chains are QB House and EC House.

One of the branch stores of QB House in Hong Kong located in Tai Po (4 Nov, 2013).


[1] The first 10-minute Just Cut Salon was started in Kanda-Mitoshirochō, Tokyo in 1996. The company summarized its outlet operation method with avoided waste of tasks except cut, so that stylists can be only managing to cut hair. These efforts brought haircut stores to get closer to customer’s prime demand which is to cut hair as quickly in 10 minutes at a low price.


The concept of 10-minute haircut is getting to be accepted not only in Japan, but in the world. Some salons imitate to provide quick haircutting service to customers. This concept is now spreading and running worldwide, including Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Until now, there are over 500 branch stores offering this service in the world.

Trend of Quick Haircut in Hong Kong[edit]

Initial Stage: 2006 - 2010[edit]

In 2006, the first 10-minute haircut salon in Hong Kong was open. It was introduced by a well-known Japan quick haircut company QB House. The pioneer caught the attention of a part of Hong Kong citizens. With the vast financial foundation, the company rapidly expanded its scale. 13 branches were established in a few years later. The brand new experience (i.e. The traditional way of Hong Kong people to have their hair cut is shampooing, haircutting and blow-drying, which is totally different from the 10-minute haircut.) and the famous brand effect brought significant profits to the company. Some local hair stylists hired by the company and some exterior experienced hair stylists noticed the success of QB House. They followed the company to open 10-minute haircut salons. However, due to the relatively low popularity of quick haircut in Hong Kong and the lack of brand influence, these small businesses were unable to sustain.

A quick haircut salon located in a shopping mall under Private Housing Ownership Scheme, Sau Mau Ping, Hong Kong (5 Nov, 2013)

Mature and stable stage: 2011 - Now[edit]

The above situation of the privately owned quick haircut stores has been altered from 2011 apparently. Starting from 2011, more locals have recognized the 10-minute haircut service. It might be resulted from continuous expansion of chain companies and the rise of the public reputation of small quick haircut stores. The 10-minute haircut has become common in Hong Kong, even there is at least one quick haircut salon in a shopping centre under Home Ownership Scheme. The 10-minute haircut has many advantages. It is cheap( i.e. generally HK$50 for a quick haircut service compared to a HK$100 normal haircut service), time-saving and therefore attractive to Hong Kong people who are living in a fast-paced and price-inflated society. It was reported that two men collaborated to start two quick haircut stores in 2011 and they had already earned HK$230,000 after three months. The extensive popularity of the 10-minute haircut service in Hong Kong is optimistically foreseen. [2]


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