100% Love (2012 film)

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For the 2011 Telugu film, see 100% Love (2011 film).
100% Love
100% Love movie poster.jpg
Theatrical Poster
Directed by Rabi Kinagi
Produced by Shree Venkatesh Films
Grassroot Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
Written by Selvaraghavan
Screenplay by Rabi Kinagi
Based on Aadavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule  
by Selvaraghavan
Starring Jeet
Koel Mallick
Supriyo Dutta
Sujoy Ghosh
Music by Jeet Ganguly
Samidh Mukherjee
Cinematography Mohan Verma
Edited by Mohammad Kalam
Release dates
  • January 20, 2012 (2012-01-20)
Country India
Language Bengali

100% Love (Bengali: ১০০% লভ) is a 2012 Bengali romantic comedy directed by Rabi Kinagi.[1] The film is a remake of the 2007 Telugu film Aadavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule and starred Jeet and Koel Mallick in the lead roles. 100% Love released on January 20, 2012.[2]


Rahul (Jeet) is from a middle-class family. He makes several bids to obtain employment, but all were in vain due to his poor language skills and inadequate educational qualifications. As his friends start to all settle down in life, he continues to struggle to secure employment. Rahul has two good friends, Abhi (Sujoy) and Kartik (Biswanath Basu). His father (Supriyo Dutta), who is a teacher, always chides him for being an irresponsible person. This just adds to his woes.

At this juncture, Rahul catches a glimpse of Anuradha (Koel Mallick) and it is love at first sight for him. He learns that she works for a software solutions firm. Luckily for him, Rahul finally secures employment in the same firm. He soon realises that Anu is a short-tempered young woman. Once, Rahul accompanies her, along with two other colleagues to Australia, where he reveals his feelings for her. She refuses him saying that she comes from an orthodox family and her marriage is set for next month.

A depressed Rahul returns to India. Unable to bear seeing his son so despondent, his father meets Anu. She abuses him for recommending his son's love and accidentally slaps both Rahul and his father. That night, Rahul's father dies of a heart attack. In order to help lighten Rahul's mood, Abhi takes him to his village to his marriage. Anu happens to be the girl Abhi is to marry. A few years ago, their grandfather's (Biswajit Chakraborty) thought of getting them married early was put aside because Abhi and Anu left the house to seek their own identities. This had aggravated the grandfather.

After a couple of years, the parents of Anu and Abhi decide to have them marry to appease their grandfather. Rahul feels at home with Abhi's loving family and feels happy. But suddenly Soniya, Abhi's little sister, falls in love with Rahul. Anu gets jealous and realises that she does indeed love Rahul. When Rahul saves the family from a bunch of goons, Abhi and Anu's grandfather accepts him into the family.

Anu asks Rahul to forgive her as she feels guilty about slapping Rahul's father. Eventually, Rahul does, and they start talking. The day before the wedding, Anu runs to Rahul. Rahul asks her to forget him because he believes that it would create problems in their happy family Anu hugs Rahul. abhi's grandfather notices them conversing and admonishes Anuradha for bringing disrepute to their family and asks Rahul to leave his house. Rahul gets ready to leave when he sees everyone putting down the decorations for the wedding. Abhi tells him to go away, but Rahul begs him to marry Anu While Rahul is walking on his way to the train station, the bunch of goons he saved the family from, sticks a knife in him and he is taken to hospital. Kartik sarcastically tells Abhi that he forgot that Abhi doesn't like Rahul. Everyone slowly leaves to go to the hospital, except Anu and her grandfather. Anu says that she will never disobey her grandfather.Afterwards Anu and Abhi's grandfather went to hospital and rahul wakes up to go in the station and he sees that everyone is outside his room after seeing he went to go to station and sees Anu and Abhi's grandfather.finally everyone realises that both of them love each other.At last Anu is married with Rahul.



The soundtrack was composed by Jeet Ganguly and Samidh Mukherjee


The Indian Express[3] and Times of India both gave mixed to mostly positive reviews, with the Times of India praising the chemistry of Jeet and Koel.[4]


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