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For the film, see A Thousand Clowns.

1000 Clowns was a four-person rap group most notable for two songs: "(Not The) Greatest Rapper" which appeared on the Good Burger soundtrack, and "Kitty Kat Max" which sampled "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield. "Kitty Kat Max" was 1000 Clowns' debut single, released in late 1997.

The group's backing vocalists were sisters Anita and Michelle, and the band's leader, composer, lead singer and rapper was Kevi. DJ Mr. Pao was the turntablist, and he co-produced many of the songs.


Based in Los Angeles, California, 1000 Clowns came to the attention of Elektra Records during a rare live performance. 1000 Clowns had played a total of four dates, all at the Viper Room. Within months of being discovered, work began on Freelance Bubblehead.


Born and raised in Philadelphia where he listened to Run-D.M.C., Schooly D, Roxanne Shante, and Bruce Springsteen, Kevi attended Bennington College in Vermont where he majored in Theater and Sculpture. Upon graduating, he moved to Los Angeles, where he currently resides.

Kevi was the rapper on Forest for the Trees' single, "Dreams".

Formation of the band[edit]

"Basically, if you lived near me, or were my friend, then you could be in my band. Mr. Pao lived downstairs from me. He told me he was a club DJ, I asked him if he wanted to be in my band. He said, 'O.K.' And then I was looking for wholesome, intelligent, fun girls to be my singers. My friend Yvonna introduced me to her sisters Anita and Michelle. When I met them, I said, "Do you want to be in my band?' and they were, like. 'Sure. O.K.'"

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Naming of the band[edit]

Kevi had rented the 1960s film, A Thousand Clowns, and it occurred to him that would be the perfect name for a band.

"When I first moved out here, everybody was like, 'I'm a producer. I'll put you in my movie.' Or 'I'm a director, I'm an executive, I control the whole industry.' All these people were actually assistants or whatever. They all had fancy business cards. I was so inundated with these cards that I had one made that said 'Professional Shepherd.' I would tell people,' I have my own flock, but I freelance.' Don't get me wrong, though. I love it out here. But it really is the city of 1000 Clowns."

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The group released an album in 1999 titled Freelance Bubblehead, mixed by the Beastie Boys record producer, Mario Caldato Jr.

Track Listing of "Freelance Bubblehead":

1. Intro
2. (Not The) Greatest Rapper
3. Kitty Kat Max
4. I Love N.Y.
5. Rainy Days
6. Favorite Things
7. Would you Be Mine? (KLD)
8. Everybody Smells So Different
9. Pug
10. Freelance Bubblehead
11. Thinkin'
12. Pretty Liar

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