10 Years in the Life

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10 Years in the Life
Compilation album by BT
Released September 2002
Genre Electronica

10 Years In the Life is a compilation album by electronica artist Brian Transeau, also known as BT. It was released in 2002. Disc 1 is a collection of rare songs, remixes and edits of Transeau's songs, showcasing Transeau's progression as an artist over the span of a decade. It notably includes his very first track ever recorded, "The Moment Of Truth". Disc 2 is a mix album and features remixes and rare tracks done by BT, including remixes of Madonna, DJ Rap, The Crystal Method and Deep Dish. Most of the rare tracks by BT are under the names of his many aliases. The booklet that comes with the CD features stories by BT about the making of each track on both discs, as well as a series of comments about his early career, remixing, scoring films and producing music in general.[1][2][3][4]


Associated with the production of the Deep Dish collective, Electronica, and a brainchild of trance, BT made a name with the double-disc 10 Years in the Life. What made him click as a hit among the dance fans all over the world, especially in Britain and America, was the remixes of other artistes. "The Moment of Truth" and " "Relativity", his debut venture, outshined most of the "house music" released in New York during the early '90s.[5]

In later years, BT, however, reverted to more an album artist with an inclination towards "electro-techno" ("Love, Peace & Grease") and ambient drum'n'bass compilation like "The Road to Lostwithiel". Although BT works reflected less and less innovation, his productions always excelled.[5]

Track listing[edit]

Disc One[edit]

  1. "The Moment Of Truth – (original radio version)"
  2. "Relativity (Transeau's Excursion)"
  3. "Embracing The Sunshine – (Embracing the Future mix)"
  4. "Loving You More – (with Vincent Covello, 7" edit)"
  5. "Blue Skies – (with Tori Amos, radio edit)"
  6. "Flaming June – (BT & PVD edit)"
  7. "Love, Peace And Grease – (BT's Puma Fila 7" mix)"
  8. "Remember – (Single mix)"
  9. "The Road to Lostwithiel"
  10. "Lullaby For Gaia"
  11. "Believer"
  12. "Dreaming – (Libra mix, with Kirsty Hawkshaw)"
  13. "Giving Up The Ghost"
  14. "Never Gonna Come Back Down – (with Mike Doughty, single edit)"
  15. "The Revolution"

Disc Two[edit]

  1. "Tripping The Light Fantastic"
  2. "Dreams (BT's Circadian Dream)"
  3. "Running Around Town – (BT's Shelter mix)"
  4. "Not Over Yet (BT's Peyote Dub)"
  5. "Nanita/A Spanish Lullaby (BT's Voltaire Organica Mix)"
  6. "Stranded (BT vs. DD Mix [Deep Dish Edit])"
  7. "The Promethean Groove (Edit)"
  8. "Anomaly/Calling Your Name (Brat Edit)"
  9. "Quark (Coolaid Mix)"
  10. "Drowned World/Substitute for Love (BT & Sasha's Bucklodge Ashram Mix)"
  11. "Bad Girl (BT's Spoken Progenitor Mix)"
  12. "Keep Hope Alive (BT's Creatine Method Mix)"
  13. "Shineaway"


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