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Line 10 at Flüh (Leymen, Alsace)

BLT's tram line 10 is the third longest tramway line in Europe[citation needed] (it held the record for the longest for many years) at 25.6 km in length. The line in the region of Basel, Switzerland, is operated by Baselland Transport (BLT).

The line opened in 1902 when it terminated at Aeschenplatz in Basel as part of the Birseckbahn (BEB). It was extended to Rodersdorf when BLT took control of the former BTB 17 line from Rodersdorf (Canton of Solothurn) to Heuwaage in 1986. In 2001, both the 10 and 11 lines were redirected via Basel SBB, when BLT completed an extension to Münchensteinerstrasse via Peter Merian.

The line 10 is Basel's best and only direct tram line between the train station SBB and the main entrance to the Zoo Basel. It also has the almost-unique distinction of crossing an international border, as it passes through French territory for two miles and calls at the commune of Leymen in Alsace (the only other known international tram line, Saarbrücken's Saarbahn, also enters France, ending at Sarreguemines).[1]

On Wednesday 2 November 2011 at 23.35 on the way to Dornach the tram derailed and crashed into a house at Tramstrasse after the Münchenstein Dorf stop injuring six and causing damages of over CHF 100,000 Swiss Francs [2]


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