10th Georgia Infantry

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10th Georgia Regiment
Georgia 1861 blue.svg
Unofficial Georgia flag prior to 1879
Active June, 1861–April 9, 1865
Country  Confederate States of America
Allegiance Georgia
Branch  Confederate States Army
Type Infantry

American Civil War

Colonel Lafayette McLaws
Colonel Alfred Cumming
Colonel John B. Weems
Colonel Willis C. Holt
Colonel Andrew J. McBride

The 10th Georgia Regiment was an infantry regiment that served in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. It participated in most of the key battles of Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia.

The regiment was raised in various counties throughout the state of Georgia and was mustered into Confederate service in June 1861 in Richmond, Virginia. It was initially assigned to Magruder's Peninsula Division. It served with the Army of Northern Virginia for the entire war, except during Longstreet's late 1863 expedition to Georgia and East Tennessee. The regiment was assigned to the Semmes-Bryan-Simms brigade.



  • Colonel
    • Lafayette McLaws (June 17, 1861 to September 25, 1861; Promoted to Brigadier General)
    • Alfred Cumming (September 25, 1861 to October 29, 1862; Promoted to Brigadier General)
    • John B. Weems (October 29, 1862 to May 19, 1864; Retired to the Invalid Corps)
    • Willis C. Holt (May 19, 1864 to October, 1864 - Willis C. Holt died from wounds that occurred Oct. 19 1864 suffered at Cedar Creek, VA)
    • Andrew J. McBride (March 2, 1865 to rank from February 20, 1865, to the end of the war)
  • Lieutenant Colonel
    • Alfred Cumming (June, 1861 to September 25, 1861)
    • John B. Weems (September 25, 1861 to October 29, 1862)
    • Willis C. Holt (October 29, 1862 to May 19, 1864; Killed in action, Battle of Cedar Creek, Virginia)
    • Charles C. Kibbee (Promoted for valor and skill on March 2, 1865, to date from February 20, 1865 to end of war)
  • Major
    • John B. Weems (July 4, 1861 to September 25, 1861)
    • R. R. Hawes (September 25, 1861 to August 4, 1862; Resigned due to disability)
    • Willis C. Holt (August 4, 1862 to October 29, 1862)
    • Philologus H. Loud (October 29, 1862 to February 13, 1865; Retired)