11020 Orwell

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11020 Orwell
Discovered by Antonín Mrkos
Discovery date July 31, 1984
Named after
George Orwell
1979 SA9; 1984 OG; 1999 GL5
Main belt
Orbital characteristics
Epoch November 26, 2005 (JD 2453700.5)
Aphelion 532.660 Gm (3.561 AU)
Perihelion 393.562 Gm (2.631 AU)
463.111 Gm (3.096 AU)
Eccentricity 0.150
1989.471 d (5.45 a)
16.83 km/s
Inclination 2.988°
Physical characteristics
Dimensions ? km
Mass ?×10? kg
Mean density
? g/cm³
? m/s²
? km/s
? d
Albedo 0.1?
Temperature ~158 K
Spectral type

11020 Orwell is an asteroid. It was discovered on July 31, 1984 by Antonín Mrkos at the Czech observatory in Kleť.

George Orwell is the pseudonym of British writer Eric Blair (1903–1950), forever associated with the year of discovery, 1984, due to the enduring popularity of his dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Orwell is one of only a handful of writers to have an asteroid named after him.

According to the records of Klet Observatory: "The name was suggested by J. Tichá and endorsed by B. G. Marsden, who made the identification involving this aptly designated object".


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