1120 Cannonia

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1120 Cannonia[1]
Discovered by Shajn, P. at Simeis
Discovery date September 11, 1928
Orbital characteristics
Epoch October 27, 2007 (JD 2454400.5) TDB
Aphelion 2.5594517 AU
Perihelion 1.8728405 AU
2.2161461 AU
Eccentricity 0.1549111
1205.0248734 d(3.30 a)
Inclination 4.04758°
Physical characteristics
3.816 h

1120 Cannonia is a main belt asteroid orbiting the Sun. It was discovered by Pelageya Fedorovna Shajn on September 11, 1928 at Simeis. Its provisional designation was 1928 RV. It was independently discovered by Grigory Nikolaevich Neujmin at Simeis two days later, and ten days later by Eugène Joseph Delporte at Uccle. It was named for Annie Jump Cannon, who classified the spectral types of about 225,000 stars for the Henry Draper Catalog.[2] The asteroid completes one rotation approximately once every 4 hours and makes one revolution around the Sun about once every 3 years.[1]


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