11th Alberta Legislature

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The 11th Alberta Legislative Assembly lasted from 1948 to 1952. The Social Credit government led by Premier Ernest Manning won a 4th term in office with a massive majority. The opposition was divided between the Liberal and Co-operative Commonwealth and 2 Independents.

Composition at election[edit]

Affiliation Members
     Social Credit 51
Liberal 2
     Co-operative Commonwealth 2
     Independent 1
     Independent Social Credit 1

Standings changes[edit]

Membership changes in the 11th Assembly
Date Name District Party Reason
     November 26, 1948 Albert Bourcier Lac Ste. Anne Independent Excluded from the Social Credit caucus by a resolution at the 1948 Social Credit AGM.[1]
     June 16, 1952 Ronald Ansley Leduc Independent Social Credit Expelled from caucus for attend Alberta Boucier's nomination convention.[2]


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