11th Armoured Brigade (United Kingdom)

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The 11th Armoured Brigade was an armoured brigade of the British Army raised during the Second World War. The brigade was a 1st Line Territorial Army formation.

It was formed from the 126th Infantry Brigade, part of 42nd (East Lancashire) Infantry Division, in 1941 and was converted to the 11th Tank Brigade in 1942. It did not see active service as a unit, and spent the war in the United Kingdom, as part of the 42nd Armoured Division. The 11th Tank Brigade was disbanded on 23 November 1943.

Order of Battle[edit]


The 11th Armoured Brigade was recreated in the early 1970s, as part of 1st Armoured Division in Germany. In 1977, it was converted into "Task Force Bravo".

The brigade title and number was resurrected again in 1981. Until the early 1990s the brigade was part of the 4th Armoured Division. It seems to have been formed from the disbanding Task Force Golf, and the number may have been picked in memory of the previous 4th Infantry Division's 11th Infantry Brigade.

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