11th Computer Olympiad

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The 11th Computer Olympiad was held in Turin, Italy between May 25 and June 4, 2006 in conjunction with the 14th World Computer Chess Championship and the 5th Computer and Games conference (CG 2006). These events were co-hosted with the human FIDE 37th Chess Olympiad.

Medals Awarded[edit]

Backgammon (2 participants)

  1. GNU Backgammon (Müller)
  2. BGBlitz (Berger)

Chinese Chess (5 participants)

  1. NeuChess (W. Jiao) (China)
  2. Shiga (S.-J. Yen) (Taiwan)
  3. Deep Elephant (Wu) (China)

Clobber (3 participants)

  1. Pan (J. De Koning) (NL)
  2. Mila (M. Winands) (NL)
  3. ClobberB (J. Willemson) (Estonia)

Connect6 (3 participants)

  1. NCTU6 (Wu and Chang)
  2. X6 (Liou and Yen)
  3. EVG (Huang and Hsu)

International draughts (4 participants)

  1. TDKing (Tillemans) (NL)
  2. SJENDE BLYN (Wiersma) (NL)
  3. Dam 2.2 (Jetten) (NL)

Go 19×19 (6 participants)

  1. GNU Go (Free Software Foundation)
  2. Go Intellect (K-H. Chen) (USA)
  3. Indigo (B. Bouzy) (FRA)

Go 9×9 (11 participants)

  1. CrazyStone (R. Coulom) (FRA)
  2. Aya (H. Yamashita) (JAP)
  3. Go Intellect (K-H. Chen) (USA)

Hex (3 participants)

  1. Six (Melis)
  2. Wolve (Hayward)
  3. Hex Krieger (Rasmussen)

Kriegspiel (2 participants)

  1. Darkboard (Favini and Ciancarini)
  2. Kbott (Parker)

Lines of Action (2 participants)

  1. MIA (Winands)
  2. YL (Björnsson)

Pool (5 participants)

  1. PickPocket (Mike Smith) (CAN)
  2. SkyNet (Will Leckie) (CAN)
  3. Elix (Marc Godard) (CAN)

Shogi (3 participants)

  1. YSS (H. Yamashita) (JAP)
  2. Bonanza (Hoki) (JAP)
  3. Tacos (H. Iida) (JAP)

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