11th Parachute Division (Germany)

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11th Parachute Division
Active 1945
Country  Nazi Germany
Branch Luftwaffe eagle.svg Luftwaffe
Engagements World War II
Disbanded 1945
Oberst Walter Gericke

The 11. Fallschirmjäger-Division (11th Parachute Division) was a fallschirmjäger (airborne) division of the German military during the Second World War, active in 1945.

The division was formed in March 1945 near Linz, out of a disparate collection of Luftwaffe units including aircrew from Jagdgeschwader 101. It contained the 37th, 38th and 39th Fallschirmjäger Regiments, and the 11th Fallschirmjäger Artillery Regiment.[1]

The division did not manage to form fully before the end of the war, and only isolated kampfgruppen saw combat.[1]


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