1222 Tina

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Discovered by E. Delporte
Discovery site Uccle
Discovery date June 11, 1932
MPC designation 1222
1932 LA
Orbital characteristics[1]
Epoch May 14, 2008
Aphelion 3.485
Perihelion 2.103
Eccentricity 0.247
Inclination 19.661
Physical characteristics
Albedo 0.3086

1222 Tina (1932 LA) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on June 11, 1932, by Belgian astronomer Eugène Joseph Delporte at Uccle.

The object is the namesake of a family of 17–89 asteroids that share similar spectral properties and orbital elements; hence they may have arisen from the same collisional event. All members have a relatively high orbital inclination.[2][3] The family is unique because of its resonant nature: all its members are in anti-aligned librating states of the ν6 secular resonance, i.e., the longitudes of pericenter of the asteroids follow the longitudes of pericenter of Saturn by 180 degrees. This orbital configuration protects the asteroids from achieving high eccentricities and experiencing close encounters with terrestrial planets, forming a stable in a region strongly perturbed by the ν6 secular resonance. The family is estimated to be 170^{20}_{-30} Myr old, and will most likely disperse to unstable regions in timescales of 200 Myr.[4]


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