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123Greetings.com, Inc.
Type Private
Industry Internet, E-Cards, E-commerce, E-invitations, Artist Studio Platform[1][2]
Founded 1997
Founders Arvind Kajaria, Sharad Kajaria
Headquarters New York, NY, USA
Area served Worldwide
Products E-greeting cards
Employees 196[3]
Website Official website

123Greetings.com is one of the largest, free e-greeting card providers, used by over 120 million people, across 192 countries.[4][5] The website was co-founded in 1997 by Arvind Kajaria and Sharad Kajaria.[6][7][8][9] 123Greetings.com offers more than 42,000 free ecards under 3,000 seasonal and everyday categories.[9][10][11] In 2008, the website raised its first round of funding from Intel Capital, to develop new services and products.[12][13]

In 2008, the website went social by joining forces with social networking giant, Orkut. The app enabled Orkut users to see what cards other people in their network have sent, review the most popular cards and send out their own, all through the website.[14] 123Greetings.com also developed a Facebook App through which users can send ecards to their friends, see what cards their friends are sending and rate each card, as well as browse the top-rated ecards according to Facebook users.[15]

In 2009, 123Greetings was named the "best e-greeting website" by the "Festival Greetings Diwali" community.[16] The website was also named by Digital Trends as one of the most stable e-greeting websites, along with Hallmark and E-Cards.com[17] and tenth in the Top 10 Websites for Free Ecards by About.com.[18] It was also reviewed and named as one of the best websites for e-greetings by Yahoo! and Squidoo.[19][20] In 2009, 123Greetings.com was ranked second in Alexa.com's Movers & Shakers list, and 71st largest website on Valentine's Day that same year.[8][21] In January 2007, comScore ranked 123Greetings as the second fastest growing website in the world.[22]

In 2012, more than 2.5 million Valentine's Day greeting cards were sent from 123Greetings.com, saving over 1000 trees.[23][24][25][26] 123Greetings.com also launched a wide range of cecards by Child Rights and You, a non-profit organization focused on child rights, enabling the non-profit to reach out to an annual 95 million visitors through the 123Greetings Studio platform.[27][28] In an effort to diversify its products, the website also launched e-cards in several languages including Russian, Chinese and Hindi.[29] 123Greetings.com also has its own mobile app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.[30]

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