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Live album by Pain of Salvation
Released February 23, 2004
Recorded Eskilstuna, 12 May 2003
Genre Progressive rock
Length 60:40
Label InsideOut Music
Producer Pain of Salvation
Pain of Salvation chronology
Remedy Lane

12:5 is Pain of Salvation's first live album. It was released in 2004 and was recorded from a concert in the band's home town of Eskilstuna, Sweden on 12 May (12.5), 2003. It was an "unplugged" show, meaning that there were only acoustic instruments, i.e. no electric guitars; grand piano and harpsichord (instead of synthesizers). It features songs from all the band's albums to that date except One Hour by the Concrete Lake.


The songs of 12:5 are not simply the original studio versions played with acoustic instruments. Most have been rearranged and have new parts layered over the top of old ones. The reasoning behind this is that the band did not want to simply release "Pain of Salvation Live", but rather a performance of the band taking a more personal and different approach to the material. Reactions to the album were mainly positive, and the band was applauded for its ability to re-interpret their own material. Of particular note is the 12:5 version of "Ashes" which begins with its original intro (in A minor), but then continues in an uplifting major key.

"Reconciliation" contains a short excerpt from the Imperial March theme from the Star Wars trilogy.

Track listing[edit]

Book I: Genesis

1. "Brickwork Part I (Leaving Entropia T5 A)" –5:44
2. "Brickwork Part II (This Heart of Mine T5)" – 2:35
3. "Brickwork Part III (Song for the Innocent T5)" – 1:23
4. "Brickwork Part IV (Descend 1)" – 0:37
5. "Brickwork Part V (Leaving Entropia T5 B)" – 0:48

Book II: Genesister

6. "Winning a War T5" – 7:52
7. "Reconciliation T5" – 4:22
8. "Dryad of the Woods T5" – 5:37
9. "Oblivion Ocean T5" – 5:18
10. "Undertow T5" – 5:46
11. "Chainsling T5" – 4:25

Book III: Genesinister

12. "Brickwork Part VI (Ascend 1)" – 1:39
13. "Brickwork Part VII (Ascend 2)" – 1:19
14. "Brickwork Part VIII (Second Love)" – 4:12
15. "Brickwork Part IX (Ashes T5)" – 5:12
16. "Brickwork Part X (Descend 2)" – 3:51

At the actual concert the band played an encore song, "Ashes" (in the original key).