12th Primetime Emmy Awards

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12th Primetime Emmy Awards
Date June 20, 1960
Location NBC Studios, Burbank, California
Host Fred Astaire
Television/Radio coverage
Network NBC
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The 12th Emmy Awards, later referred to as the 12th Primetime Emmy Awards, were held on June 20, 1960 to honor the best in television of the year. The ceremony was held at the NBC Studios, in Burbank, California. It was hosted by Fred Astaire. All nominations are listed, with winners in bold and series' networks are in parentheses.

The ceremony's format was a sharp contrast to the previous year's. Several Acting categories were either combined or simply removed, and nearly every category had only three nominees, as opposed to the traditional five or six. Due to the relatively small crop of categories, no show received more than two major awards. The NBC anthology Startime received the most major nominations with five.

Winners and Nominees[edit]



Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Humor Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Drama
Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Variety Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Children's Programming
Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Public Affairs and Education


Lead performances[edit]

Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Series (Lead or Support) Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Series (Lead or Support)

Single performances[edit]

Outstanding Single Performance by an Actor (Lead or Support) Outstanding Single Performance by an Actress (Lead or Support)
  • Laurence Olivier as Charles Strickland on The Moon and Sixpence, (NBC)
    • Lee J. Cobb as Dr. Lawrence Doner on Playhouse 90, (Episode: "Project Immortality"), (CBS)
    • Alec Guinness as Jebal Deeks on Startime, (Episode: "The Wicked Scheme of Jebal Deeks"), (NBC)
  • Ingrid Bergman as The Governess on Startime, (Episode: "The Turn of the Screw"), (NBC)
    • Julie Harris as Mattie Silver on The DuPont Show of the Month, (Episode: "Ethan Frome"), (CBS)
    • Teresa Wright as Margaret Bourke-White on Sunday Showcase, (Episode: "The Margaret Bourke-White Story"), (NBC)


Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Drama


Outstanding Writing Achievement in Comedy Outstanding Writing Achievement in Drama
Outstanding Writing Achievement in the Documentary Field
  • Howard K. Smith, Av Westin, for CBS Reports, (Episode: "The Population Explosion"), (CBS)
    • James Benjamin for The Twentieth Century, (Episode: "From Kaiser to Fuehrer"), (CBS)
    • Richard Hanser for Project XX, (Episode: "Life in the Thirties"), (NBC)

Most major nominations[edit]

By network [note 1]
  • CBS – 32
  • NBC – 16
  • ABC – 3
By program
  • Startime (NBC) – 5
  • Father Knows Best (CBS) / The Jack Benny Show (CBS) / The Moon and the Sixpence (NBC) / Playhouse 90 (CBS) – 3

Most major awards[edit]

By network [note 1]
  • CBS – 8
  • NBC – 4
  • ABC – 1
By program
  • The Jack Benny Show (CBS) / The Moon and the Sixpence (NBC) – 2
  1. ^ a b "Major" constitutes the categories listed above: Program, Acting, Directing, and Writing. Does not include the technical categories.


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