1500 Steps

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1500 Steps
Underwater, a beam of sunlight shines through
Directed by Josh Reid
Produced by Josh Reid
Peter Cameron
Screenplay by Maurine Gibbons
Story by Maurine Gibbons
  • Alex Fechine
  • Laura Benson
  • Adam Dear
Music by Jared Haschek
Cinematography Ben Raglione
Edited by Daniel Karjadi
Earl Street Pictures
Release date(s)
  • March 26, 2014 (2014-03-26)
Running time 88 minutes
Country Australia
Language English

1500 Steps is an upcoming Australian drama film directed by Josh Reid.


  • Alex Fechine as Jonas 'Jobe' O'Brien
  • Laura Benson as Grace Glorious
  • Jack Matthews as Damon Dundas
  • Leanne Mackessy as Rebecca Dundas
  • Adam Dear as Samuel Jacobs
  • Dave Proust as Neil O'Brien
  • Keith Thomas as Harry White
  • Richard Carwin as Tony Walker
  • Colin Defries as Principal Ben Rigg
  • Rupa Proia as Ibrahim Dib
  • Alfie Gledhill as Isaac Johnstone
  • Dave White as Mitch Martin
  • Diab Metry as Callum Smith
  • Joel Hogan as Jorge Sutton

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