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154 155 156
Cardinal one hundred and fifty-five
Ordinal 155th
(one hundred and fifty-fifth)
Factorization 5 · 31
Divisors 1, 5, 31, 155
Roman numeral CLV
Binary 100110112
Ternary 122023
Quaternary 21234
Quinary 11105
Senary 4156
Octal 2338
Duodecimal 10B12
Hexadecimal 9B16
Vigesimal 7F20
Base 36 4B36

155 (one hundred fifty-five or one hundred and fifty-five) is the natural number following 154 and preceding 156. It is a composite number and a semiprime.

If you add up all the primes from the least through the greatest prime factors of 155, that is, 5 and 31, the result is 155. (sequence A055233 in OEIS) Only three other small semiprimes (10, 39, and 371) share this attribute.

There are 155 primitive permutations of degree 81. OEISA000019

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