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155mm (6.1") is a common and NATO-standard artillery calibre.

Land warfare[edit]

Since the late 20th century, most NATO armies have centred on 155mm weapons as having a good compromise between range and destructive power whilst having a single calibre simplifies logistics; leading to the obsolescence of calibres such as 175mm and 203mm - although some forces retain 105mm guns for their portability. Russian/Soviet guns and those of other aligned countries tend to use 152mm weapons in similar roles.

Naval use[edit]

155mm has not found widespread use among naval forces despite its ubiquity on land, with most NATO and aligned navies using smaller 76mm (3"), 100mm, 113mm (4.5") or 127mm (5") guns on modern warships. At one point the British Ministry of Defence studied "up-gunning" the Royal Navy's 4.5 inch Mark 8 naval gun to give increased firepower and a common calibre between the Royal Navy and the British Army. The US Navy's Advanced Gun System also uses a 155mm calibre, although it is not compatible with NATO-standard 155mm ammunition.

155mm shells[edit]

155mm guns[edit]

155mm naval guns[edit]