156 (North-West) Transport Regiment

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The 156 (North-West) Transport Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps, is a regiment of the Territorial Army in the United Kingdom.


  • 235 (HQ) Squadron (Liverpool)
  • 234 (Wirral) Transport Squadron
  • 236 (Greater Manchester) Squadron
  • 238 (Sefton) Squadron

The primary function of the regiment is to provide a 3rd line transport capability to one of the UK Logistic Brigades.

238 Transport Squadron[edit]

Formed in 1969, from C Squadron The Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry Royal Tank Regiment (RTR), 238 Transport Squadron is today a third-line logistics support unit of the British Army's Territorial Army and Volunteer Reserve (TAVR).

Located less than five miles from the Port of Liverpool, the unit's designated theatre of operations during the Cold War was to support the British Army of the Rhine's I(BR)Corps in Germany, defending West Germany (and NATO) against an advancing Soviet Red Army. Although the unit took part in many exercises to hone their skills for such an event, the closest the unit came to action (before 1992) was during the 1982 Falklands War: servicement from 238Sqn supported operations in the Port, loading (amongst others) the ill-fated Atlantic Conveyor.

238Sqn moved from it base at the George Masters VC TA Centre at Strand Road, Bootle, Liverpool. The now occupy new barracks just off southport Road, near the old Giro Bank headquarters 238 SQN[dead link] 156 TPT[dead link] RLC(V)[dead link] - 238 Squadron[dead link] of 156 Transport Regiment[dead link]Royal Logistics Corps[dead link](Volunteers). The RLC, formerly the Royal Corps of Transport[dead link]/(RCT[dead link]), proudly traces its history back through the Royal Army Service Corps, the Army Service Corps and beyond.

Now moved to new location asda now stands there.


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