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Badge of the Royal Logistic Corps

159 Regiment, The Royal Logistic Corps, is an Army Reserve unit in the British Army and it is part of 102 Logistic Brigade.

History of the Regiment[edit]

The regiment was formed on 1 April 2007 as a product of Future Army Structures (FAS) with the aim of providing the contingent component to 6 Supply Regiment.[1][2] The forming of functional sub-units into a distinct group was a deliberate Corps policy, which has provided a geographic span of command challenge.

The regiment was made-up of one sub-unit from the Scottish Transport Regiment, one squadron from 150 (Northumbrian) Transport Regiment and two squadrons from the Welsh Transport Regiment. A newly established regimental headquarters (RHQ) and future HQ and Medical Supply Squadron, were phased in between 2008 and 2010. When fully formed, the all-up strength will be 623, making it one of the largest units in the British Army.

In the summer of 2014, under the orders given as part of the wider Army 2020 and Future Reserves 20 propositions, the Regiment changed in structure and laydown. 216 Squadron in Tynemouth re-subordinated back to 150 Regiment RLC and 381 Squadron in Lancaster re-subordinated into 156 Regiment RLC. 125 Squadron in Glasgow will close sadly, ending a successful and harmonious relationship between the RHQ and Galsgow. However the Squadron name will live on, with a 125 Squadron being formed in Coventry late in 2014. The Regiment also receives 294 Squadron, based in Garantham, who will convert from a National to Regional Reserve force.

History of the Regimental Emblem[edit]

The regimental emblem was designed around the concept that it needed to be instantly recognisable. It is also required to follow established martial insignia conventions, in that it should look like a military badge.

The geographic spread of the unit results in a diverse cultural mix and this spread means that the opportunities to train as a regiment are rare. As a consequence, the unit is similar in its makeup and ethos to the Barbarians Rugby Football Club and the chosen background colours of black and white are those of the Barbarians.[citation needed]

The numbering of the regiment is a simple 159 in Roman numerals, a design concept used by the British in martial insignia since the formation of the New Model Army. The numerals sit inside a dominant V, which clearly denotes the Volunteer status of the regiment.

Whilst the "V" has been dropped from Army Reserve Regiments, as they are no longer Volunteers in the Territorial Army, but Reservists in the Army Reserve, the V remains in the unit emblem. This is a nod to the heritage of the unit and its beginnings.


  • 123 (Supply) Squadron, Telford
  • 125 (Supply) Squadron, Stoke
  • 237 (Supply) Squadron, West Bromwich
  • 243 (Headquarters) Squadron, Coventry
  • 294 (Supply) Squadron, Grantham


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