163rd Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)

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The 163rd Infantry Brigade was an infantry brigade of the British Army that saw active service during the World War I and World War II.

First World War[edit]

The brigade was raised in 1908 upon the creation of the Territorial Force, originally as the Norfolk and Suffolk Brigade and was part of the East Anglian Division, later the 163rd (Norfolk and Suffolk) Brigade and the 54th (East Anglian) Division respectively. The brigade served with the 54th Division in the Middle Eastern theatre from 1915 to 1918 during the First World War.

First World War units[edit]


Second World War[edit]

In World War II, the brigade was part of the 54th (East Anglian) Infantry Division from September 3, 1939 to December 13, 1943 when that division was disbanded. The brigade then became a Lines of Communication unit for the 21st Army Group. It stayed in the United Kingdom for the duration of its service. The original battalions of the brigade were converted into the 53rd Infantry Brigade, joining the 18th (East Anglian) Infantry Division, on 18 September 1939 and the 163rd Infantry Brigade was reformed from the 161st Infantry Brigade.

Second World War commanders of the brigade included Brig. M.D. Jephson, Brig. R.A.D. Moseley, Brig. O.M. Wales, and Lieut.Col. A.L. Taffs.

Before September 18, 1939[edit]

  • 5th Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regiment
  • 6th Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regiment
  • 7th Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regiment

From September 18, 1939[edit]


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