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  • Pirates out of Tortuga loot and sack Santiago de los Caballeros, a frontier town between the French and Spanish territories of Santo Domingo.[1]
  • French buccaneer Jean L'Olonnais arrives in the West Indies as an indentured servant and remained in Hispanola for three years before escaping to nearby Tortuga.[2]
  • An increase in frigates and other warships allows the Royal Navy to strike against Royalist privateers in Ireland and Dunkirk as well as Barbary corsairs in North Africa.[3]
  • A journal written by Dutch admiral Wybrant Schram is published describing his battle against the pirate fleet led by Captain Claes G. Compaen in 1626, one of his last engagements during his later career as a pirate hunter.[4]
  • Royalist pirate Brown Bushell is captured and tried for piracy as well as his involvement in surrendering the English city of Scarborough to Henrietta Maria.[5]
  • April 1 - After being sighted off the Yorkshire coast by a local fisherman, Royalist privateer Captain Joseph Constant and his 30-man Dutch crew are surprised by an attack party led by Robert Colman and Captain Thomas Lassells and captured after a brief skirmish.[6]

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