1667 Dubrovnik earthquake

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1667 Dubrovnik earthquake
1667 Dubrovnik earthquake is located in Croatia
1667 Dubrovnik earthquake
Date 6 April 1667 (1667-04-06)
Magnitude X MCS (Disastrous)
Epicenter 42°36′N 18°06′E / 42.60°N 18.10°E / 42.60; 18.10Coordinates: 42°36′N 18°06′E / 42.60°N 18.10°E / 42.60; 18.10
Areas affected Dubrovnik, Croatia
Casualties 3,000 dead

The earthquake in Dubrovnik in 1667[1] was one of the two most devastating earthquakes to hit the area of modern Croatia in the last 2,400 years, since records began. The earthquake destroyed almost the entire city and killed around 5,000 people.[2] The city's Rector Simone Ghetaldi was killed and over three quarters of all public buildings were destroyed.

At the time, Dubrovnik was the capital of Republic of Ragusa. The earthquake marked the beginning of the end of the Republic.[3]

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