16th Avenue Bailey Bridge

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16th Avenue Bailey Bridge
Carries single lane of traffic on Sewells Road
Crosses Little Rouge Creek
Locale Markham, Ontario, Canada
Maintained by York Region Roads
Design Single-lane wood decked bailey bridge
Total length 21.3 metres (70 ft)
Opened 1945 (1945) [1]
Coordinates 43°54′08.5″N 79°12′51″W / 43.902361°N 79.21417°W / 43.902361; -79.21417Coordinates: 43°54′08.5″N 79°12′51″W / 43.902361°N 79.21417°W / 43.902361; -79.21417

Old (16th Avenue) Bailey Bridge was a bailey bridge located on 16th Avenue (York Regional Road 73) east of Reesor Road within Rouge Park in Markham, Ontario, Canada.[2][3] The bridge crossed the Little Rouge Creek, a tributary of the Rouge River.


The 21.3-metre (70 ft) wood-plank-deck[2] steel bridge was constructed in 1945 (1945).[1] It was restored in 1965. Little has changed for the traffic in the area, which is still rural and agricultural.


An assessment by York Region and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority in 2007 suggested the bridge be removed when the road was realigned and widened, though still noted that it "is of heritage interest",[1] although it was, at the time, not listed in the Markham Heritage Inventory. In a 2010 report from the Transportation Services Committee to the Regional Council, Rouge Park management indicated their desire to maintain the bailey bridge for pedestrian use.[2] In mid-2011, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority accepted the proposal to save the bridge for use in a future trail, after 16th Avenue was realigned and widened to eliminate the jog at Reesor Road.[4]

By 2014, the realignment was complete and the bridge had been replaced.

The bridge was an early example of a bailey bridge. They are now rare in Ontario.[1][citation needed]

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