1701 (number)

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This article is about the number 1701. For other uses of 1701, see 1701 (disambiguation).
1700 1701 1702
Cardinal one thousand seven hundred one
Ordinal 1701st
(one thousand seven hundred and first)
Factorization 35× 7
Roman numeral MDCCI
Binary 110101001012
Ternary 21000003
Quaternary 1222114
Quinary 233015
Senary 115136
Octal 32458
Duodecimal B9912
Hexadecimal 6A516
Vigesimal 45120
Base 36 1B936

1701 is the natural number preceding 1702 and following 1700.

In mathematics[edit]

1701 is an odd number and a Stirling number of the second kind.

The number 1701 also has unusual properties as it:

  • belongs to a set of numbers such that n^2 contains exactly seven different digits.
  • is a decagonal and a 13-gonal number.
  • is divisible by the square of the sum of its digits.
  • belongs to a set of numbers with only palindromic prime factors whose sum is palindromic.
  • is a First Beale cipher.
  • belongs to a set of numbers whose digits of prime factors are either 3 or 7.
  • its reversal[disambiguation needed] is divisible by 7.

In other fields[edit]