1728 Goethe Link

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1728 Goethe Link
Orbital characteristics *[1]
Orbit type Main belt
Semimajor axis 2.562AU
Perihelion distance 2.328AU
Aphelion distance 2.797 AU
Orbital period 4.10 years
Inclination 7.186°
Eccentricity 0.0914
Physical characteristics *[2]
Abs. magnitude 11.1
History [3]
Designation 1964 TO
Alt. Designations 1943 OA; 1952 WH;
1955 KE; 1956 VD;
1964 UB; 1967 JD
Discoverer Indiana University, 1964

1728 Goethe Link is an asteroid in the main belt of the asteroid belt. It was discovered by the Indiana Asteroid Program on October 12, 1964 at the Goethe Link Observatory near Brooklyn, Indiana, USA.

The asteroid is named in honour of the eponymous Goethe Link, a major patron of the observatory.[1]


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