17th Genie Awards

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17th Genie Awards
Date November 27, 1996
Site The Guvernment
Toronto, Ontario
Host Rebecca Jenkins, Mark Farrell
Best Picture Lilies
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The 17th Genie Awards were held on November 27, 1996, to honour films released in late 1995 and 1996. They were the second Genie Award ceremony held in that year; the 16th Genie Awards were delayed from the fall of 1995 and took place in January 1996 instead.

Nominees and winners[edit]

Motion Picture Direction
Actor in a leading role Actress in a leading role
Actor in a supporting role Actress in a supporting role
Original Screenplay Adapted Screenplay
Best Feature Length Documentary Best Short Documentary
Art Direction/Production Design Cinematography
Costume Design Editing
Overall Sound Sound Editing
  • Blue ribbon Don Cohen, Keith Elliot, Scott Purdy, Scott Shepherd, Don White, Lilies
  • David Appleby, D. Bruce Carwardine, Tim O'Connell, Don White, Brain Candy
  • Jocelyn Caron, Claude Hazanavicius, John Netsorwich, Hans Peter Strobl, Le Polygraphe
  • Kelly Cole, Dam Giammarco, Jochen Schlissler, Paul Sharpe, Hard Core Logo
  • Christian Cooke, David Lee, Dino Pigat, Lou Solakofski, Orest Sushko, Crash
  • Blue ribbon Tom Bjelic, David Evans, Wayne Griffin, John Laing, Andy Malcolm, Dale Sheldrake, John Smith, Crash
  • Fred Brennan, Yann Delpeuch, Paula Fairfield, Virginia Storey, House
  • Fred Brennan, Sue Conley, Yuri Gorbachow, Andy Malcolm, Jane Tattersall, Brain Candy
  • Diane Boucher, Tony Currie, Rich Harkness, Janice Ierulli, Donna Powell, Jane Tattersall, Lilies
  • Jerome Decarie, Serge Fortin, Jean-Pierre Pinard, Mario Rodrigue, Raymond Vermette, Le Polygraphe
Achievement in Music: Original Score Achievement in Music: Original Song
Best Short Film Special Awards

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