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180 Smoke Electronic Cigarette is a Canadian electronic cigarette company emphasizing harm reduction tools for smokers. The company was co-founded by renowned heart surgeon Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar[1][2] and crowd-sourced from thousands of smokers in 2012.[3]

In April 2014, to raise awareness about harms of hookah smoking, which is used by over 100 million people daily,[4] and to tackle widespread myths, 180 Smoke released a 3D printable hookah adapter for free under a Creative Commons licence.[5][6] The adapter helps convert any traditional hookah into an "e hookah" with use of electronic cigarettes or other electronic vaporizers.[7] A user can download it for free and get it "3D printed" in a material of choice locally or order online on sites like Shapeways. This adapter allows users to take advantage of electronic vaporizer technology to mimic the act of hookah smoking.

180 Smoke currently operates in Canada, United States, Netherlands, India and Pakistan.[8]


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