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The 181 Union City-New York is a bus route operated by New Jersey Transit in the U.S. states of New Jersey and New York. Buses head north from the Bergenline Avenue Hudson-Bergen Light Rail station in Union City along Bergenline Avenue, Woodcliff Avenue, and Palisade Avenue (Hudson Palisades) to Fort Lee via West New York, Guttenberg, North Bergen, Fairview, and Cliffside Park, and cross the George Washington Bridge to the George Washington Bridge Bus Station in Upper Manhattan.


The predecessor to the 181 was the 21 West New York streetcar line, operated by the Public Service Railway between Hoboken Terminal and Hudson Boulevard at Nungesser's in North Bergen via Observer Highway, Washington Street, 14th Street, Willow Avenue, Park Avenue, Broadway, 48th Street, and Bergenline Avenue. Some cars began at the West Shore Ferry Terminal in Weehawken climbing the Palisades at Pershing Road.[citation needed]

Public Service Coordinated Transport replaced the trolleys with all service vehicles in 1937 and buses in 1947, keeping the number 21. A new bus route, numbered 98, was started in 1951 along Palisade Avenue to the George Washington Bridge Bus Station. Eventually the two routes were combined, and in 1982 the new number 181 was assigned by NJ Transit.[citation needed]

The route continued to operate along the old streetcar route to Hoboken Terminal[1] until April 8, 2006, about 1.5 months after the Bergenline Avenue station of the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail opened. In order to "take advantage of the light rail system's reliability and convenience", the 181 was truncated to the station, where passengers can transfer to the light rail line or to the 89 (which was rerouted along the old 181 route) to reach Hoboken.[2]


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