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Works published in English[edit]

United Kingdom[edit]

United States[edit]

  • William Cullen Bryant, Poems, has most of the author's significant work since 1818, with five previously unpublished poems, including "To a Fringed Gentian" and "The Song of Marion's Men"; described as "the best volume of American verse that has ever appeared" by a writer in The North American Review[2]
  • Thomas Holley Chivers, The Path of Sorrow; or, The Lament of Youth; the author's first book of poetry, written while he was studying medicine[2]
  • Sumner Lincoln Fairfield, The Last Night of Pompeii, a narrative poem about the conflicts between the Christian and pagan faiths; written in three cantos of blank verse[2]
  • William Gilmore Simms, Atalantis: A Story of the Sea, a poem about a sea-fairy saved from a demon by a Spanish knight, who is then led by her into the caves of the ocean[2]
  • Frederick William Thomas, The Emigrant, the author's first book; about the Ohio River region, influenced by William Wordsworth and Lord Byron[2]

Works published in other languages[edit]


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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who died this year, from an 1828 portrait

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