1839 Whig National Convention

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1839 Whig National Convention
1840 Presidential Election
William Henry Harrison by James Reid Lambdin, 1835.jpg WHOportTyler.jpg
Harrison and Tyler
Date(s) December 4-December 8, 1839
City Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Presidential nominee William H. Harrison of Ohio
Vice Presidential nominee John Tyler of Virginia

The 1839 Whig National Convention was a presidential nominating convention held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in December 1839. This was the first national convention of the Whig Party of the United States.

Three years after Democrat Martin Van Buren was elected President in the election of 1836 over three Whig candidates, the Whigs met in national convention determined to unite behind a single candidate. The convention was chaired by Isaac C. Bates of Massachusetts and James Barbour of Virginia presided over the convention. The party nominated the popular former general William Henry Harrison for President, the most successful of the three Whig presidential candidates from the previous election. Harrison, though a slave-owner and aristocrat, was perceived as being simple and a commoner and also a member of US-British war in 1812-1814.[1] The convention nominated John Tyler for Vice President. The two would go on to win the 1840 presidential election.

The Whig Ticket[edit]

President: William Henry Harrison (Ohio) - former general and presidential candidate

Vice-President: John Tyler (Virginia) - former Senator


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