184878 Gotlib

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184878 Gotlib
Discovered by Jean-Claude Merlin
Discovery date October 26, 2005
MPC designation 184878 Gotlib
Named after
Marcel Gotlib
2005 UK187
main belt asteroid
Orbital characteristics[1]
Aphelion 3.3448321 AU (500,379,760.009 km)
Perihelion 2.5647277 AU (383,677,802.845 km)
2.9547799 AU (442,028,781.427 km)
Eccentricity 0.1320072
1855.1803928 days
5.08 years
Inclination 3.14803°
Physical characteristics

184878 Gotlib (provisional designation 2005 UK187) is a main belt asteroid. It was discovered by Jean-Claude Merlin on October 26, 2005 at Nogales, Arizona. 184878 Gotlib is named after Marcel Gotlib, a cartoonist, born in Paris. He contributed to many comic strip magazines, including Pilote, in which he created the Rubrique-à-Brac in 1968.

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