1848 Whig National Convention

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1848 Whig National Convention
1848 Presidential Election
Zachary Taylor 2.jpg Millard Fillmore.1.jpg
Taylor and Fillmore
Date(s) June 7, 1848
City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Presidential nominee Zachary Taylor (LA)
Vice Presidential nominee Millard Fillmore (NY)
Total delegates 280
Votes needed for nomination 143
Results (President) Taylor (LA): 171 (61.07%)
Scott (NY): 63 (22.5%)
Clay (KY): 32 (11.43%)
Webster (MA): 14 (5%)
Ballots 4
1844  ·  1852

The 1848 Whig National Convention was a quadrennial presidential nominating convention of the Whig Party. The convention was held in Philadelphia. War hero Zachary Taylor, a major general from Louisiana with no political background, was nominated as the party's candidate for President. Former New York Representative Millard Fillmore was nominated for Vice President.

The Convention[edit]

The convention was quick, convening for only a day on June 7. Taylor had been courted by both the Democrats and the Whigs. Taylor ultimately declared himself a Whig. When delegates met in Philadelphia, Taylor secured 171 votes and won the presidential nomination on the fourth ballot. Former New York Representative Millard Fillmore was chosen as the vice presidential candidate on the first and only ballot.

Several well-known political figures challenged Taylor for the nomination but failed to win enough votes at the convention. Henry Clay, Winfield Scott, and Daniel Webster all sought the nomination. Webster was offered the vice presidential spot on the ticket, but declined.


Zachary taylor-crop.jpg Henry Clay 3c09953u restored.jpg Winfield scott.jpg Daniel Webster.jpg JMiddletonClayton-SecofState.jpg JMcLean.jpg
Name Zachary Taylor Henry Clay Winfield Scott Daniel Webster John Middleton Clayton John McLean
Party Whig Whig Whig Whig Whig Whig
Certified Votes 171 (47.63%) 97 (27.02) 63 (17.55%) 22 (6.13) 4 (1.11%) 2 (0.56%)
Margin 0 (0.00%) -74 (-20.61%) -108 (-30.08%) -149 (-41.50%) -167 (-46.52%) -169 (-47.08%)


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