1860 Constitutional Union Convention

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1860 Constitutional Union National Convention
1860 Presidential Election
JBell.jpg Edward Everett.jpg
Date(s) May 9-May 10, 1860
City Baltimore, Maryland
Presidential nominee John Bell of Tennessee
Vice Presidential nominee Edward Everett of

As the Republican Party strengthened and the Democratic Party fractured, many former Whigs and Know Nothings founded the Constitutional Union Party. With the sole purpose of maintaining the Union by preserving the North-South status quo, the party's delegates met in Baltimore to nominate its candidates. John Bell of Tennessee received the nomination for the presidency and Edward Everett of Massachusetts was nominated for vice-president.

The Constitutional Union Ticket[edit]

  • President: John Bell (Tennessee) - former Senator and Speaker of the House
  • Vice-President: Edward Everett (Massachusetts) - former Senator, Secretary of State, and Governor