1870 in New Zealand

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1870 in New Zealand


Regal and viceregal[edit]

Government and law[edit]

The 4th Parliament continues.

Voting in New Zealand elections is changed to a secret ballot.[1]

Main centre leaders[edit]


Appointments and awards[edit]




  • New Zealand's first golf course was opened in Dunedin.[4]

Horse racing[edit]

There are 2 races for both the New Zealand Cup and New Zealand Derby (presumably at the beginning and end of the calendar year).(Confirmation required)

Major race winners[edit]

  • New Zealand Cup: Knottingley
  • New Zealand Cup: Knottingley
  • New Zealand Derby: Malabar
  • New Zealand Derby: Envy

Rugby union[edit]

Charles Monro, son of the Speaker of the House, Sir David Monro, introduces rugby to the Nelson Football club.[3]

  • 14 May — First rugby club match, Nelson College versus Nelson Football Club "The Town" at the Botanical reserve. This was the first interclub game of rugby union played in New Zealand.[5]
  • 12 September — A Nelson team, the "Lunatics", defeats Wellington at Petone.[3]
  • — The first "international" between Wellington and a team from HMS Rosario.[3]


Ballinger Belt: Lieutenant Goldie (Otago)



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