1873 in South Africa

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1873 in South Africa
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Years in South Africa


Unknown date
  • Griqualand West is established as a separate British colony
  • In the Cape Colony, a massive increase in public works leads to a large and sustained influx of immigrant labour over the ensuing years.
  • The University of South Africa is founded in Cape Town, as the University of the Cape of Good Hope.
  • The Cape Government establishes the first district boarding schools to educate children from rural areas. Education is also standardised at the Cape and moved away from purely rote learning.[1]
  • The town of East London is officially established through the proclaimed merger of the three settlements of Panmure, East London and East London East.
  • Warmbad is established as Hartingsburg at the hot springs north of Pretoria.




Railway lines opened[edit]

  • Namaqualand – Muishondfontein to Kookfontein, 15 miles (24.1 kilometres).[2]


  • East London's first steam locomotive is landed at East London Harbour, a 7 ft 14 in (2,140 mm) Brunel gauge 0-4-0 vertical boiler engine acquired for work on breakwater construction.[6]


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