1876 in New Zealand

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1876 in New Zealand


Regal and viceregal[edit]

Government and law[edit]

The 1875 general election, which started on 29 December, concludes on 4 January. The 6th Parliament commences.

Premier Atkinson abolishes the New Zealand provincial system on 1 November.[1]

Main centre leaders[edit]


  • 18 February: The first trans-Tasman submarine communications cable is completed, allowing telegraph communications with the rest of the world.[2]
  • 4 April: Speight's is first brewed in Dunedin.
  • 30 December: The Daily Southern Cross publishes its last issue, and merges with The New Zealand Herald. The Auckland-based newspaper began publishing as The Southern Cross in 1843.[3]

Appointments and awards[edit]

William Williams resigns on 31 May[4] as Bishop of Waiapu after suffering a stroke on 25 March. No replacement is found until the following year.



The Otago Cricket Association is formed.[5]

Horse racing[edit]

Major race winners[edit]

  • New Zealand Cup — Guy Fawkes
  • New Zealand Derby — Songster
  • Auckland Cup — Ariel
  • Wellington Cup — Korari

Lawn bowls[edit]

The first interclub competition in the country is held between the Dunedin and Fernhill clubs.[5]

Rugby union[edit]

  • A combined side from Canterbury toured Nelson, Wellington (at Lower Hutt), and Auckland (at Ellerslie)[6]


Ballinger Belt — Private J. Willocks (Clutha)[7]



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