1877 in New Zealand

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1877 in New Zealand


Regal and viceregal[edit]

Government and law[edit]

The 6th Parliament continues.

Main centre leaders[edit]


Appointments and awards[edit]

Edward Stuart is unanimously elected as Bishop of Waiapu during the Waiapu Synod of 24–28 September and consecrated at Napier on 9 December by Archbishop Harper.[1]



The Auckland Amateur Athletic Club is formed.[2]


  • The Canterbury Cricket Association is formed.[3]
  • An England XI under the leadership of James Lillywhite tours in January and February. None of the fixtures were first class, and all the home sides field teams of between 18 and 22 players. The team went on to Australia to play the first ever Test matches. Itinerary

Horse racing[edit]

  • New Zealand Cup winner: Mata
  • New Zealand Derby winner: Trump Card
  • Auckland Cup winner: Lara
  • Wellington Cup winner: Guy Fawkes
see also Category:New Zealand horse races.

Rugby union[edit]


Ballinger Belt: Lieutenant Paynter (Nelson)



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