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187 Lockdown was a British speed garage act, comprising Danny Harrison and Julian Jonah.[1] The duo produced one album, with four singles released from it, and remixed many songs towards the end of the 1990s.

The song "Gunman" sampled Ennio Morricone's "Sixty Seconds To What", from the film, For a Few Dollars More.

The video of "Kung-Fu" is depicted by several "baddies" who appear to know martial arts, fighting with a lone oriental male, who appears to be beaten on each occasion but in the end wins by killing the last "baddie" by catching a bullet (with its casing) in his teeth and spitting it back killing him.

The video is filmed in a slapstick fashion and all meant in good jest in keeping with the upbeat of the music, with insets of silhouette dancing by various person in traditional dress. The male from the video also appeared with the act when they performed the single on Top of the Pops.

The "Gunman" video is set in a western cowboy style with the original actors from the "Kung-Fu" video. The story is that the baddie is about to hung and is saved by a lone "gunman" by shooting him down, they then escape and are pursued by the good guys including some out of character police officers in a police car. Again the video is good humored and slapstick.

After their success under this name, the duo abandoned the moniker and continued to record under other aliases, such as Gant, Ground Control, Nu-Birth and M-Factor. Of these, M-Factor was the most commercially successful, notching up a UK Top 20 hit with the vocal version of "Mother".[2]

After M Factor, Harrison went on become part of remix outfit Moto Blanco. Jonah still continues to work as a producer.



  • 1998: 187


  • 1997: "Gunman" - #16 (UK)
  • 1998: "Kung-Fu" - #9 (UK), #33 (US Dance Club Play)
  • 1998: "The Don" - #29
  • 1998: "All 'n' All" - #43[1]

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