1880 Greenback National Convention

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The 1880 Greenback Party National Convention convened in Chicago on June 9, 1880, to select a presidential nominee for the Greenback Party in the United States presidential election of 1880.

James B. Weaver of Iowa was chosen, defeating Hendrick B. Wright of Pennsylvania, Benjamin F. Butler of Massachusetts, and Alexander Campbell of Illinois. Barzillai J. Chambers of Texas was chosen for vice president.

Candidates gallery[edit]


Presidential Ballot
Ballot 1st
James B. Weaver 718
Hendrick B. Wright 126.5
Stephen D. Dillaye 119
Benjamin F. Butler 95
Solon Chase 89
Edward Phelps Allis 41
Alexander Campbell 21

Source: US President - G Convention. Our Campaigns. (February 9, 2012).

Vice Presidential Ballot
Ballot 1st
Benjamin J. Chambers 403
Absolom M. West 311