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Published popular music[edit]

The Little Lost Child sheet music cover
Owls' Serenade sheet music cover
  • "Airy, Fairy Lillian" w. Tony Raymond m. Maurice Levi
  • "And Her Golden Hair Was Hanging Down Her Back" w. Monroe H. Rosenfeld m. Felix McGlennon
  • "At Trinity Church I Met My Doom" w.m. Fred Gilbert
  • "Don't Be Cross" by Karl Zeller from the operetta Der Obersteiger
  • "Forgotten" w. Flora Wulschner m. Eugene Cowles
  • "He's Got To Keep A-Movin'" w.m. T.W. Connor
  • "His Last Thoughts Were Of You" w. Edward B. Marks m. Joseph W. Stern
  • "The Honeymoon" m. George Rosey
  • "Humoresque" m. Antonín Dvořák
  • "I Don't Want To Play In Your Yard" w. Philip Wingate m. Henry W. Petrie
  • "If It Wasn't For The 'Ouses In Between" w. Edgar Bateman m. George Le Brunn
  • "I'll Be True To My Honey Boy" w.m. George Evans
  • "I've Been Working on the Railroad" w.m. trad (first copyright 1894)
  • "I Can't Change It!" w.m. T.W. Connor
  • "Kathleen" w.m. Helene Mora
  • "Little Kinkies" w.m. M. Tobias
  • "The Little Lost Child" w. Edward B. Marks m. Joseph W. Stern
  • "Long Ago In Alcala" w. Frederick Edward Weatherley & Adrian Ross m. André Messager
  • "My Friend The Major" w.m. E. W. Rogers
  • "My Pearl Is A Bowery Girl" w. William Jerome m. Andrew Mack
  • "Oh! That Gorgonzola Cheese" w. Fred W. Leigh m. Harry Champion
  • "The Owls Serenade" w. Arthur J. Lamb, m. H.W. Petrie
  • "She Is More To Be Pitied Than Censured" w.m. William B. Gray
  • "She May Have Seen Better Days" w.m. James Thornton
  • "The Sidewalks of New York" w.m. Charles B. Lawlor & James W. Blake
  • ""Why Did Nellie Leave Home?" by George M. Cohan
  • "Yale Society Two-Step" by C. VanBaar
  • "You've Been A Good Old Wagon But You've Done Broke Down" by Ben Harney

Recorded popular music[edit]

1894 Edison Phonograph Company brown wax cylinder recording of "Daisy Bell", composed by Harry Dacre.

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Musical theater[edit]



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