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Published popular music[edit]

  • "Because" w. Charles Horwitz m. Frederick V. Bowers
  • "The Boy Guessed Right" w.m. Lionel Monckton
  • "Ciribiribin" w. Carlo Tiochet m. Alberto Pestalozza
  • "Gold Will Buy Most Anything But A True Girl's Heart" w. Charles E. Foreman m. Monroe H. Rosenfeld
  • "Good-bye Dolly Gray" w. Will D. Cobb m. Paul Barnes
  • "Goodnight, Little Girl, Goodnight" w. Julai M. Hays m. J. C. Macy
  • "Gypsy Love Song" w. Harry B. Smith m. Victor Herbert from the musical The Fortune Teller
  • "Honey on my Lips" Charles E. Trevathan
  • "I Guess I'll Have To Telegraph My Baby" w.m. George M. Cohan
  • "Just As The Sun Went Down" w. Karl Kennett m. Lyn Udall
  • "Just One Girl" w. Karl Kennett m. Lyn Udall
  • "Kiss Me Honey Do" w. Edgar Smith m. John Stromberg
  • "The Lily Of Laguna" w.m. Leslie Stuart
  • "'Mid The Green Fields Of Virginia" w.m. Charles K. Harris
  • "Mister Johnson Don't Get Gay" w.m. Dave Reed Jr
  • "The Moth And The Flame" w. George Taggart m. Max S. Witt
  • "My Old New Hampshire Home" w. Andrew B. Sterling m. Harry Von Tilzer
  • "Recessional" w. Rudyard Kipling m. Reginald De Koven
  • "Romany Life" w. Harry B. Smith m. Victor Herbert
  • "The Rosary" w. Robert Cameron Rogers m. Ethelbert Nevin
  • "Salome" m. William Lorraine
  • "She is the Belle of New York" w. Hugh Morton m. Gustave Kerker
  • "She Was Bred In Old Kentucky" w. Harry Braisted m. Stanley Carter
  • "When You Were Sweet Sixteen" w.m. James Thornton
  • "Who Dat Say Chicken In Dis Crowd" w. Paul Lawrence Dunbar m. Will Marion

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Recorded popular music[edit]

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