18 Carat Garbage

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18 Carat Garbage
Studio album by Billie Ray Martin
Released 2001
Genre Dance / Soul
Label Sonnenstahl Records

18 Carat Garbage is a Billie Ray Martin album of 13 tracks including the first single, 'I've Never Been To Memphis'. The basis of the songs were recorded in Memphis, Tennessee with the hi-musicians.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Captain Drag"
  2. "Where Fools Rush In"
  3. "I´ve Never Been To Memphis"
  4. "Crime Of Passion"
  5. "Anyone Will Do For A Heartache"
  6. "Eighteen Carat Garbage"
  7. "Hello, Hold On!"
  8. "Bring All The Peace (Interlude)"
  9. "Ten Minutes On A Tuesday Afternoon In Buffalo"
  10. "Systems Of Silence"
  11. "Demons Of Delirium"
  12. "Legends That Die"
  13. "Taking Out The Garbage (Outro)"