18th Indian Division

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18th Indian Division
Active 1917 - 1920
Country British India
Allegiance British Crown
Branch British Indian Army
Type Infantry
Size Division
Engagements Battle of Sharqat

The 18th Indian Division was formed during World War I in 1917 from units of the British Indian Army, for service in Mesopotamia and Persia, in what was called the Mesopotamia Campaign. The Division was attached to the Tigris Corps and was involved in the Actions at the Fat-ha Gorge and on the Little Zab between the 23–26 October 1918 and the Battle of Sharqat between 28–30 October 1918.[1]

At the end of the war the division would remain in Iraq as part of the Iraq Occupation Force, until it was disbanded in 1920.

Indian troops Mesopotamia


Formation 30 March 1918[edit]

53rd Brigade[edit]

54th Brigade[edit]

55th Brigade[edit]

Divisional Artillery[edit]


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