1902 Copa de la Coronación

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1902 Copa de la Coronación
Country Spain
Teams 5
Champions Bizcaya
Runners-up FC Barcelona
Matches played 5
Goals scored 27 (5.4 per match)

The 1902 Copa de la Coronación was a football competition in honour of the coronation of Alfonso XIII of Spain. It was an unofficial competition, the Royal Spanish Football Federation do not recognize it as the first season of the Copa del Rey, which began the following year.[1]

The competition started on May 13, 1902 and concluded on May 16, 1902 with the Final, held at the Hipódromo in Madrid, in which Bizcaya lifted the trophy.

The competition was thought up after Carlos Padrós, later president of Madrid FC, suggested a football competition to celebrate the coronation of Alfonso XIII. Four other teams joined Madrid for the first competition: FC Barcelona, Club Español de Foot-Ball, Bizcaya (a combination of Athletic Club and Bilbao Football Club) and New Foot-Ball de Madrid. The competition featured the first recorded game between FC Barcelona and Madrid FC, with the former emerging 3–1 winners. Bizcaya eventually beat FC Barcelona in the final.



Consolation Trophy[edit]

  • New Foot-Ball de Madrid did not show for the Consolation Trophy.


May 15, 1902
Bizcaya 2 – 1 FC Barcelona
Cacaeaux 10
Astorquia 20
Steinberg 75
Copa de la Coronación 1902 Winners
1st Title


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